"Dry-Park Check "

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Steering Play 


  • This requires two people
  • Start by having your "assistant" sit in the drivers seat 
  • When you are ready to begin the inspection have them move the steering wheel several inches each way at a moderate speed ( Engine off, full weight on the suspension) 
  • Start your visual check of the components beginning at the steering shaft coming through the firewall. What you are looking for is movement that is not transferred to the next component until "play" or "slack" is taken up.  
  • The steering shaft will have a collapsible section followed by a "u-joint" or coupler where it attaches to the steering gear box. When checking the steering gear box, make sure the output ( sector shaft) is only rotating, not wiggling or rocking before rotating. 
  • After the steering gear, you will want to watch/feel for play at each part of the linkage, making sure the movement is all being transferred to the next component and that the is no perceptible play or slack that has to be taken up before the next component moves.
If you are finding parts that need to be replaced, for this chassis you can find them here:

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