Parking Brake Does Not Hold When Coach Is in Park

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1995-2004 P32 Chassis J71 Parking Brake does not hold.


When I place my coach into park, it does not hold the coach. It just rolls like it is in neutral.

Diagnostic Steps

Does my parking brake cable move as it should?

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Section 1

Chock your wheels.

You will need someone in the driver seat operating the brake while someone is watching the parking brake operate from under the coach. When under the coach take great care to keep clear of hot or moving objects. Do not touch anything while the parking brake is being operated! Just watch.

  1. Turn your ignition key to the run position (do not start the coach).
  2. Press the yellow button on the dash "In".
  3. Place the coach into drive.
  4. Cycle the push pull button out once every 10 seconds then back in 10 seconds later as the technician is watching the movement of the parking brake.

Do you see the parking brake cable and lever on the driver side of the transmission move back and forth as the operator is engaging and disengaging the parking brake?

  • No. Go to the passenger side of the transmission and locate the parking brake actuator. See if it is moving the cable on that end as the operator is engaging and disengaging the parking brake. Does the cable move on the actuator end?
  • Yes. There is an issue inside your parking brake assembly mounted on the back of the transmission. Remove your parking brake drum from the back of the transmission and inspect your parking brake shoes and hardware. The parking brake shoe material should be 1/4" thick across the entire surface of the shoe. Inspect the entire assembly for wear and proper movement. Replace components as necessary. 

If you need to find a wiring schematic for your coach, you can find them listed in the Workhorse Manuals

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