RVA Fluid Level Service

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Fluid Level Service

The JII leveling system is equipped with a warning device to indicate the position of your jacks. A fluid level sensor inside the fluid reservoir turns on the warning system when enough fluid has been pumped out of the reservoir to extend one or more jacks a total of 5-6". The pulsating red light and bong alarm will come on at that time. This is only true if the fluid level is properly set. Fluid used in the RVA JII leveling system is Dexron III.

To properly set the fluid level for your coach, use the following procedures:

Extend any jack 6" with other jacks fully retracted Unscrew reservoir cap from top of pump reservoir.

If the red light and bong are giving a warning
Slowly add fluid until the red light and bong turn off

If the red light and bong are NOT giving a warning
Use a suction device to slowly remove fluid until the alarm turns on

Setting the fluid level with these procedures ensures that the alarm will sound if one jack is extended 6" or any combination of jacks are extended 6". Please note: The alarm system may no longer provide an alarm if the fluid level sensor is failed, and a jack could be extended 6". Always ensure jacks are physically checked for full retraction prior to moving the coach. The "All Jacks Retract" switch position provides an easy way to automatically hold all the "Retract Valves" open for four minutes. Four minutes is more than enough time for all jacks to fully retract.

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