Failed RVA JII Auto Controller - Change from an Auto System to Manual Control

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  1. Removal of Auto System parts - Unplug and remove the auto control box with button panel, and auto system alarm.
  2. Identifying the Auto System Connectors - There are two connectors on the Auto Controller, one white, and one red. The white 24 pin connector will be the one needed to locate the wires required in the following connection list in step 5. The red connector goes to the auto button panel and will be discarded with the other Auto System control parts mentioned in step 1.
  3. Identifying the Manual System Connectors - On the Manual Control box there are two connectors, the 15 pin connector will plug directly into the button panel, leaving you with one 12 pin connector used in step 5, and three loose wires remaining. One larger diameter red wire, one brown wire, and one white wire. Connect these wires as shown in step 4.
  4. Connecting the loose Manual Control wires.
    • Connect the large diameter red wire to an ignition power source through a 15 amp fuse.
    • Connect the white wire to a good ground source.
    • Connect the brown wire to pin #23 on the white 24 pin connector of the Auto Controller harness.
  5. Connecting the Manual Control connector wires to the Auto Control connector wires - With both the Auto System white 24 pin connector, and the Manual System 12 pin connector in front of you, cut and connect the wires together as follows using male and female spade connectors.
    • Manual pin#2 Brown - Auto pin#21 Green w/White band
    • Manual pin#3 Yellow - Auto pin#17 Blue w/White band
    • Manual pin#1 White w/Red band - Auto pin#20 Black w/White band
    • Manual pin#11 Blue - Auto pin#24 Green w/Yellow band
    • Manual pin#12 Green - Auto pin#16 Blue w/Yellow band
    • Manual pin#10 Black - Auto pin#12 Black w/Yellow band
    • Remaining wires on the auto controller connector will not be used, all wires on the manual system connector should now be connected.
  6. Connecting the Manual System Alarm wires
    • Locate the wires that were connected to the Auto System Alarm.
    • Connect the yellow wire of the Manual Alarm to the yellow wire of the Auto Alarm harness on the coach.
    • Connect the white wire of the Manual Alarm to the white wire of the Auto Alarm harness on the coach.
    • Connect the red wire of the Manual Alarm to the red wire of the Auto Alarm harness on the coach.
    • Connect the blue wire of the Manual Alarm to the loose blue wire of the Manual Button Panel.
  7. Finishing up the installation.
    • Test the system by turning the ignition on and powering up the button panel.
    • You should have a green light on the button panel.
    • Now press one of the extend buttons and you should hear the pump motor running, and the corresponding jack should be extending.
    • Repeat that process for the other two remaining jacks, till all of the jacks are touching the ground.
    • At this point you should have an alarm sounding, and a blinking red light on the button panel.
    • Once all jacks have been extended until they touch the ground, then press the individual retract buttons one at a time to see if they retract the corresponding jack.
    • Now that all extend and retract functions have been verified, press the retract all button and all jacks should fully retract.
    • Once all the jacks are fully retracted, the alarm, and blinking red light on the button panel should stop.
    • If all functions work as described, you can now clean up, and tie the wiring, then fasten down all new manual components.
    • Any remaining wires on the Auto System harness are not used.

Here are links to the parts required for this installation.

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