Actia Gauge Motor Test

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If you have a gauge that is not working properly, this is the procedure for testing the cluster gauge motor operation. This procedure will allow you to find out if the issue is with the instrument cluster or not.


  • Turn the key on without starting the engine.
  • Once the cluster is done with the self test, set the parking brake.
  • Hold down the "Mode" button for 20 seconds.
  • Release the "Mode" button. ( Once the "Mode" button is released, leaving the selection highlighted for 3 seconds will select that highlighted object and move to the next screen. )
  • Once in the menu, press the "Trip" button to move up the menu and select "Cluster Diagnostics".
  • Then once in the "Cluster Diagnostics" menu, leave it alone and it will automatically select the "Gauge Test".
  • Once in the "Gauge Test" it will sweep the gauges one at a time from the left gauge over to the right.
  • It will tell you on the screen what gauge will do what. For example you will have the screen say Engine Speed 0% then 50% then 100%.
  • If all the needles follow what the screen states they should be doing, then instrument cluster is functioning properly. 

If you cannot read the screen well enough to perform this test, then you may consider ordering this product: 105297S Screen Kit

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