Actia Cluster Needle Installation

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Actia Cluster Needle Installation


After installing a new screen into your cluster, this is the procedure for installing the gauge needles in the proper position.


  • With all the needles, and the lens removed.
  • Plug the cluster into the coach harness.
  • Turn the key on without starting the engine.
  • Once the cluster is done with the self test, set the parking brake.
  • Hold down the "Mode" button for 20 seconds.
  • Release the "Mode" button. ( Once the "Mode" button is released, leaving the selection highlighted for 3 seconds will select that highlighted object and move to the next screen. )
  • Once in the menu, press the "Trip" button to move up the menu and select "Cluster Diagnostics".
  • Then once in the "Cluster Diagnostics" menu, leave it alone and it will automatically select the "Gauge Test".
  • Once in the "Gauge Test" it will sweep the gauges one at a time from the left gauge over to the right.
  • It will tell you on the screen what gauge will do what. For example you will have the screen say Engine Speed 0% then 50% then 100%.
  • You will gently set the needle on the cluster to have it waiting at 50% position with your fingers holding it in place. Once the screen says it is at 50% and you hear the gauge motor stop, quickly press the needle onto the motor shaft.
  • Do this for each gauge needle.

You can find the product being discussed here: 105297S Screen Kit


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