Installation/Technical Information

Actia Cluster Needle Installation Promoted article

Actia Cluster Needle Installation Objective After installing a new screen into your cluster, this is the procedure f...

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101384 Actia Lens Installation

105297S - Actia Screen Kit Installation Guide

13517394 - Fuel Module Pigtail for 04+ Fuel Pumps

Pigtail for following fuel pump modules: 28105988 W0013951 W0013952 W0013953 25178125 (Updated Design - Oval Connect...

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Actia Button Cover Replacement Kit - Part# 104951

BCM Remarry Process

Time is critical so use a stopwatch to complete this process: Key on for 10 minutes, then off for 5 seconds.  Repeat...

Gas Chassis - RV Maintenance Schedule

How to read Workhorse Wiring Schematics

J71 Automatic Apply Parking Brake Overview

Types of Auto Apply parking brakes used on the Workhorse Chassis The parking brake on the P Series 16,500 lb., 17,000...

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J71 Park Brake Cable Adjustment & Manually Release Brake

CAUTION: If the actuator will not hold pressure, do not remove the parking brake cable pin from the linkage, remov...

J72 Parking Brake Operation and Components

The J72 system incorporates a unique full-circle parking brake. The automatic electric/hydraulic parking system contr...

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Late 2006 - 2007+ Transmission Cooler Add On Installation

To use the US2078 kit with the WH005234 pump assembly.

If the customer orders the WH005234 after the US2078 has been installed. The pump is shipped without the pressure s...

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US2078 Installation Guide

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US21 Installation Guide

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US22 Installation Guide

W-Series Chassis Standard Lube Points

W8000322 & W8000325 Engine oil cooler line kits installation guide

  Parts Mentioned in this article: https://www...

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W8006307 - Auxiliary Fan Kit for Condenser 2006+ W22/W24 Gas Installation Guide

W8006311 is the part# for the installation instructions. If you would like this kit, the part# for that is W8006307  ...

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W8006889 - Workhorse 2004+ Fuel filter adapter kit installation guide

WH000540C & CF - Auxiliary Trans Cooler for RV Chassis W20-W24 & P32 2001-2006

Fan current draw measurements are 7 amps at start & 5.5 amps fan runningTransmission temperature readings with this ...

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WH005667 - J72 Parking brake pump replacement installation guide

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Workhorse 8.1L belt routing diagram

View from front of the engine

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