Installation/Technical Information

Actia Cluster Needle Installation Promoted article

Actia Cluster Needle Installation Objective After installing a new screen into your cluster, this is the procedure f...

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101384 Actia Lens Installation

105297S - Actia Screen Kit Installation Guide

13517394 - Fuel Module Pigtail for 04+ Fuel Pumps

Pigtail for following fuel pump modules: 28105988 W0013951 W0013952 W0013953 25178125 (Updated Design - Oval Connect...

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Actia Button Cover Replacement Kit - Part# 104951

BCM Remarry Process

Time is critical so use a stopwatch to complete this process: Key on for 10 minutes, then off for 5 seconds.  Repeat...

Gas Chassis - RV Maintenance Schedule

How to read Workhorse Wiring Schematics

J71 Automatic Apply Parking Brake Overview

Types of Auto Apply parking brakes used on the Workhorse Chassis The parking brake on the P Series 16,500 lb., 17,000...

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J71 Park Brake Cable Adjustment & Manually Release Brake

CAUTION: If the actuator will not hold pressure, do not remove the parking brake cable pin from the linkage, remov...

Late 2006 - 2007+ Transmission Cooler Add On Installation

US2078 Installation Guide

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US21 Installation Guide

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US22 Installation Guide

W-Series Chassis Standard Lube Points

W8000322 & W8000325 Engine oil cooler line kits installation guide

  Parts Mentioned in this article: https://www...

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W8006307 - Auxiliary Fan Kit for Condenser 2006+ W22/W24 Gas Installation Guide

W8006311 is the part# for the installation instructions. If you would like this kit, the part# for that is W8006307  ...

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W8006889 - Workhorse 2004+ Fuel filter adapter kit installation guide

WH000540C & CF - Auxiliary Trans Cooler for RV Chassis W20-W24 & P32 2001-2006

Fan current draw measurements are 7 amps at start & 5.5 amps fan runningTransmission temperature readings with this ...

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WH005667 - J72 Parking brake pump replacement installation guide

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Workhorse 8.1L belt routing diagram

View from front of the engine

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