35/45 System - Replacing an old jack cylinder that has a bolt-on foot pad with a new style cylinder

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If you have a bolt on style pad/ram socket, you will have to reuse the ram socket and install it on the new cylinder. As shown in the photo above; loosen the set screw, and remove the new base by twisting and pulling it out of the end of the ram. Remove the ram socket off the new cylinder and install the one removed from your original cylinder.


If you have a damaged bolt-on style pad that needs replaced, you will need these two items:

J0810-06-02 - RVA 35K - 45K RAM SOCKET

RVA-FT-02 - Swivel Foot Pad 35/45 Systems (front & rear jacks)


You can find the replacement jack cylinders here:

J0810-39-01 - RVA 35K - 45K Front Jack (Cylinder Only)

J0810-40-01- RVA 35K - 45K Rear Jack (Cylinder Only)

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